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A hobby worth sharing…


Since my uni times I have been surrounded by active bloggers and social media enthusiasts. Unlike my friends, I barely update my Facebook and cannot really grasp the reason why Twitter exists. By now, everyone has given up on me, and it’s actually a big relief.

I am a very private person, and I find it somewhat disturbing that one is now expected to share precious moments with strangers. When on holiday, the last thing I want to worry about is the amount of ‘likes’ I receive, depending on a bikini I’m wearing (I do know the people who do). So, is there a way of existing in the ‘socialsphere’ without becoming obsessed with ‘selfies’ and ‘hashtags’?

I guess I’ve figured out the answer, otherwise this post would have never come to life. Instead of developing another ‘I’m just sooo cool’ blog, I want to focus on something that could be beneficial to others.

The one thing I know I’m naturally good at (and which is uncommon enough to justify a whole blog about it) is the art of gifting.  Don’t ask why, but I find it extremely satisfying to guess what my loved ones want or might want (but don’t yet know it exists in this universe) and deliver it.

So, here I will share my knowledge on how to pick great and meaningful gifts. I also secretly hope that Amazon eventually reports a decline in sales of aftershaves, BOSS mugs and silver-plated photo frames.

Stay tuned!

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Finding and giving great gifts is a big passion of mine. Here I offer practical tips, ideas for different occasions and step-by-step guides to make gifting a better experience for everyone. Get inspired!

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