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Treat your friends to some (affordable) French wine

Another post about Paris…Oh, I can write many of them, so I am imposing a self-limit of two per trip. Deal?

Anyway, this is a useful one, as there is nothing more important to the French than their diverse wines.

Remember my post about gift budgeting (if not, see here)? I used a bottle of wine as the starting point for calculating a budget for any gift. Now it’s time to show you where to get a bottle worth giving to your best friend(s) at a special celebration.

French wines have a very solid reputation, therefore there is always a premium in any stores outside France…and I’m not even mentioning how much they can cost in decent restaurants! Luckily, if you are travelling to France, you will always find local wine shops which would stock the most exquisite bottles at very affordable price points.

Here is my “catch” from the recent trip:


Both are French (obviously), rarely exported (don’t be afraid to ask which wines are not sold widely, as these are generally the ones that the locals want to keep to themselves) and below 50 euros (in fact, one was 40 and the other a mere 28).

I reckon if these were even available at my local Waitrose, they would belong to the fine wines section with prices starting from 60 pounds (ouch!).

Pro-tip: if you can’t carry bottles with you, shop owners are more than happy to post them directly to your address,  using their distribution channels for a fraction of the cost of DHL, UPS and the likes.

Stay tuned!

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