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“Bricking” awesome kids’ gifts

So, my dear gift lovers, summer’s over, and kids are back to school. I have to say, nothing can cheer them up better than a new Lego toy 🙂

Lego have done phenomenally well over the past few years.  I just love how they let us— ordinary customers—dream big and come up with unique toys, using our creativity and imagination.

I am always extremely excited when kids from my inner circle begin to show the first signs of Legomania, the way I experienced mine (alongside the Barbie obsession, don’t judge!) from six onwards.

What makes Lego a great gift? From my personal experience, it is one of the most fun ways to learn about pretty much everything, from famous landmarks to basic engines.

By the way, a good lifehack I’ve learnt recently (from this gift, actually): children go super-quiet when they build stuff, so if you need a stress-free moment to finish that last work email, this is your way out!

The very last bit of advice: forget all toy stereotypes. If you are choosing a gift for a boy, don’t limit yourself to cars and aliens. Maybe, just maybe, you will help him discover he’s a future architect or a doctor!


Lego gift – wrapped and ready to go!


Lego gift: 3-in-1

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