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Christmas Gift Wrapping: Useful Tricks

If you are in London, consider yourself lucky – I’ve done all the legwork for you! After spending a solid few hours browsing for the best gift wrapping paper, I’ve narrowed it down to two winners: Selfridges and Harrods (sorry, John Lewis, you are my biggest disappointment this festive period so far…apart from the penguins!).

Unlike birthdays, when you can pretty much go with any colour and texture, Christmas gift wrapping tends to be on the conservative side, with silvers, greens and reds dominating the scene. And you know what – I actually don’t have any objections whatsoever! After all, Christmas is a traditional holiday, and traditions are a lovely way to bring us together for some festive fun.

Anyway, let me not lose the plot and end up with a philosophical post about the value of Christmas – back to gift wrapping.

I would highly recommend avoiding anything too glittery. Even the most luxurious department stores seem to be obsessed with all things glitter this year. Here are the worst offenders:

glitter wrapping paper examples

It does add sparkle, I’ll give you that, but the mess it causes is unbelievable! I once tried to wrap a gift in one of those glittery sheets… I then had to spend 15 minutes hoovering the room, followed by an emergency shower, as even my hair was covered in sticky blue bits of glittery plastic.

Whether you do end up going for glitter or not, don’t forget to purchase gift tags. Even if you are delivering a gift in person, it’s just really nice to see your name on the box (like it belongs to you already, before you even open it). These are my favourites (cute, right?):

cute gift tags

If you are after something a bit more personalised, both Harrods and Selfridges have it covered. Harrods are offering in-store service, where they ink names and any other text of your choice onto a range of sacks – they do it while you wait (or shop), so it’s a good last-minute option.

Selfridges have a service called ‘’, where you upload a series of pictures which then are printed onto wrapping paper. Personally, I find these things slightly creepy (for the same reason I never give photo calendars, mugs and t-shirts), but I can see why it would work well for some.

personalised wrapping

Oh, and here is the useful trick (see, my title actually matches the contents!). I always use either double-sided or invisible tape for gifts. Your gifts will instantly look more immaculate and thoughtful. Costing under a fiver, it might just be the best investment you make this festive season.

clever tape for gifts

Stay tuned!

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