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Christmas 2014 Gifts: Amazing Tree Decorations

I keep getting questions about small gifts that would work well for colleagues, pre-Christmas parties or for sending to distant friends and relatives.

I admit to being slightly biased, but this year it’s been all about tree decorations for me. From ceramic to furry (yep!), opportunities to make these little gifts truly memorable are limitless.

The benefits from these gifts are enormous: people are practically bound (in a good way!) to put these on their trees, and every time they look at them (unless they hide it at the very bottom, which would be a great waste!), they would think of you.

If arts & crafts is not your strongest skill (I admit to belonging to this unlucky group), and you are not able to make decorations yourself without causing a total chaos, here are some shopping ideas.

Big trend this year are fluffy decorations, like these from Harrods:

Alert: can result in you hugging your tree uncontrollably

Alert: can result in you hugging your tree uncontrollably

Looking a bit like small cuddly animals, they will transform any tree into a lively centrepiece (just don’t allow your real pets near those).

Unusual themes and colours will always make for a memorable gift: simply avoid the typical colour palette of green-silver-gold-red and select something original, like these marine-inspired decorations:

Immediately makes me wanna watch Finding Nemo

Immediately makes me wanna watch Finding Nemo

Finally, if presentation is important (like it’s a proper gift versus a lovely add-on), go for traditional boxed decoration, like this ones from Wedgewood:

Supreme quality and presentation

Supreme quality and presentation

All three are available from the Harrods website.

Next stop: Personalised ceramic decorations

Coming in a range of quotes, you will surely find one that will match your mood. My distant friend, for example, got this one as a reminder that I’m always there for her, even despite the fact that we don’t live close anymore.

friends decoration photoshop

These are sold in most décor/gift shops (in London, they can definitely be found at Greenwich Market and Old Spitafields), but I’ve also found a link online.

This is why I love blogging – while I was typing away, I got an email from SpaceNK with these adorable beauty tree decorations.  In short, these two decorations come with miniature versions of their best-selling products inside (think of them as Christmas crackers, just classier).

When marketing emails hit the right spot...

When marketing emails hit the right spot…

I quickly snapped up a few for my girlfriends (who all are beauty junkies), so rush-rush-rush before they sell out. Aromatherapy is here, and Eve Lom here.

Hurry up, Christmas is just one week way 😉

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