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5 Gifts You Should Buy via Apple Pay

So, big news for this week – Apple Pay is coming to the UK in July (in case you’ve missed it – see here and here)! How are you feeling about it?

I’m feeling very excited, so here’s my list of 5 amazing gifts under £20 which you will be able to buy with your shiny iPhones starting next month!

  1. Incase high speed mini car charger – £14.95

What can be more satisfying than going to an Apple store and paying with your iPhone RIGHT THERE, in front of all your fellow Apple fans! Apple’s own stores don’t stock many items under the £20 limit, but hey, I have found this cute yet mighty charger which will fit nicely in any car (however small and eco-friendly) and ensure your smartphone is always on.

incase charger

  1. Waitrose Brut NV – £19.99

Waitrose will be one of the first retailers to adopt Apple Pay (sorry, Asda!). I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this technological milestone than with a glass of quality bubbles. Not only (relatively) affordable, but also a Bronze Winner of the Champagne & Sparkling World Championships 2014 (yep, there’s a championship for everything these days…). It’s a winner for me!

waitrose brut

  1. Victoria sponge cake from Konditor & Cook – £18

Anything from this bakery is a treat worth dieting for. Defined by as “the perfect simplicity”, this uber-indulgent Victoria Sponge for sure deserves a few extra gym sessions. Best shared with your family or friends on a particularly lazy Sunday 🙂

victoria cake

My favourite is their Spitafields branch (E1 6DT) – also great for a walk around Brick Lane afterwards.

konditor spitafields

  1. Frozen Stamper Set – £15.00

A bunch of apps will also be supporting Apple Pay (the full list as it stands at the moment is here). Disney Store is one of them – and with school holidays and summer parties coming up, I can’t think of a better gift for a girl than this Frozen-themed stamper set. A fun day of creative stamping is guaranteed!

frozen stamper set

  1. Liberty of London friendship bracelet – £14.95

I’ve always seen Liberty as some sort of archaic “heritage” department store, not quite as established as Harrods and not quite as cool as Selfridges. Their announcement to join the Apple Pay trial has certainly shaken this view quite a bit. And has also given me the perfect excuse to get one of their friendship bracelets which are destined to become a summer staple for London fashionistas.

liberty bracelet

What’s the first thing you are going to buy?

Stay tuned!

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