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Amazing gifts for One Direction fans (and haters)… Take your pick!

Remember pictures of crying girls all over Facebook when One Direction announced their split? I think the official term used was “temporary break”, but we all know too well that those poor lads hated each other too much. Well, this also means that collectibles will become extra valuable, it may even be the last Christmas you’ll be able to give your daughter, niece or girlfriend (depending on your age!) a One Direction present. So, this is where I come in – your little gift fairy πŸ™‚

Here’s my Top 5.

An official 1D hat & scarf set

winter hat

The first website I looked at was of course the official 1D store. I found it quite amusing how most items looked like they belonged to a rock band (plenty of black!), whereas their target audience are teenage girls. But hey, I found this adorable set, so not all bleak. The best part – a photo of a teenage male model in these – why!?? Can’t imagine many guys keen to wear something like this in public, let alone be photographed! Ah well, let’s hope his modelling career doesn’t suffer too much. But jokes aside, this is a perfect Xmas stocking filler.

Zayn foil balloon in a box

zayn balloon

Now, this one is simply brilliant! For those mourning the rise and fall of Zayn Malik, and his well-publicised departure from the group – you can now mourn about it in a happy way! Imagine, you open the box, release the helium-filled balloon and watch it disappear into the space…Almost poetic, if you ask me. And the fact that his face looks pretty grumpy here only adds to the dramatic effect.

Luckily, for those who don’t want to mourn, there are other balloons of all band members available πŸ™‚ Great for any birthday party!

Pink hair dryer set

hair dryer

When I was a kid, one of my favourite past times was singing with a hair dryer to Backstreet Boys songs (that just gives you an indication how old I am!). Fast-forward good 15 years, the now 10-year old girls can do the same in a much more stylish way (minus the Backstreet Boys, of course). I suppose an added bonus is that it really is a working hair dryer which comes in a cute pink bag.

Harry Styles colouring book

colouring book

Ah, this one again reminds me on how much fun I used to have colouring Sailor Moon books. Remember that Japanese cartoon, anyone? There were two types of kids in my class – the ones who always used the exact colours from the cartoons and pictures, and the ones who were a bit more creative. There were many fights between the two “clans”, but the truth remains – colouring books are a truly great invention.

I say, have fun with these – who hasn’t imagined Harry’s infamous hair in green or red, perhaps? What if he was blonde – would the world be a different place? πŸ™‚

A sleepover bed


Last but not least – a ready bed featuring all five band members looking happy and ready to camp! Not exclusively for camping, I’d argue this makes a perfect extra bed for a fussy sleeper. A naughty me can imagine that being cuddled to bed by five cute guys is a dream come true, but seriously, this is meant for little girls who are just learning about boys, so no rude jokes please πŸ™‚

What’s your favourite?

Stay tuned!

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