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Groovy kitchen gifts: Joseph Joseph chopping boards

I’m an adventurous cook; you’ll never find me moaning that something’s missing in the fridge so I can’t make a perfect lasagne, omelette or <insert any dish you want here>. There are “traditionalists” who would say that recipe books are made by people who know best, but I tend to challenge the norms and add bourbon in my tiramisu, for example 🙂

For those like me who find cooking exciting and fun, Joseph Joseph do an amazing set of chopping boards with 80s disco motives. But unlike many cute kitchen appliances from the likes of Tiger and Ikea, these are super sturdy and are actually made for busy cooks who like to chop things on a day to day basis.

I  fell in love with the tomato-themed vinyl the moment I saw it. This was exactly what I was after – a glass worktop (I hear it’s more hygienic than wood or metal), fits perfectly into my smallish dishwasher and makes a satisfying noise every time I chop things!

I am a bit of a sucker for Joseph Joseph stuff, I have their knives too, which are affordable yet comfy to hold. It just feels like they think about things a lot…I almost imagine them having a special test lab,  in all white, with spotless surfaces, where people in  lab coats (or possibly chef whites, imagine that!) test every possible way how their product could be used. For example, they use extra grippy rubber for knife handles, which come very handy when I enthusiastically chop and dance (and sometimes sing!) at the same time.

Back to gifting! Who are these good for – practically anyone,  with a good sense of humour and who remember how real vinyls looked like 🙂 Well, vinyls are making a comeback these days, so maybe it is good for everyone!

We got this one in John Lewis, but I have since found it almost half price on Amazon, so for just £13 this is a steal.

Stay tuned!

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