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Perfume gifts: Empowering your woman through fragrance

We’ve all been there – a nice looking bottle of expensive perfume given by your partner or family member that just smells wrong. Too sweet, too strong, or with notes of jasmine that give you headaches…The list of things that can ruin a fragrance is so long that I’m genuinely surprised how so many people risk it every year and spend hundreds of pounds on perfumes that will never be worn.

This Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne is probably the safest choice if you want to impress your woman and give her a wearable everyday scent. By the way, “cologne” in this case doesn’t mean it’s for men, it refers to perfume oil concentration of around 5%. It is reassuringly female, albeit without any sweetness that tends to overpower some fragrances for women. It’s distinctly British, smelling of ocean and fresh grass, like a fine spring day somewhere in Cornwall.

This fragrance allows a woman to be herself without the pressure to be pretty or “perfect”. It’s almost empowering her to embrace herself for what she stands for.

I’ve worn it for just over two weeks now, and I still cannot have enough. No surprise it unanimously won “Most Daring Fragrance” at the prestigious Marie Claire Parfum awards.

It’s £42 for 30ml and £85 for 100ml, find it on Jo Malone website or in any department store.

Stay tuned!

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