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Never heard of Ferragamo? It’s about to become your favourite bag

The number one thing that women put on their wish lists for Christmas is *drumroll* luxury bags. Luxury is different for everyone, but broadly it can be defined on a societal level as “something your neighbour can’t afford”. This is a bit of cynical definition, I tend to include other things like quality and what a brand stands for, but I will agree that the items we covet the most cost as much as they do because they are out of reach.

Now I’m not advocating spending a lot of money on bags, but Christmas is that one holiday a year when we can relax  a bit, let ourselves go and stop counting. Where I come in is to make sure your gift isn’t a complete waste of money and is something that will last a long time.

Number one rule for such special purchases is making sure that a bag you’re about to buy isn’t rarer than its fake versions. Take Louis Vuitton, as an example of a brand which I see so many times during my daily commute, that it’s just too obvious that all of those bags can’t be real. The last thing I want to happen is to spend money on the “real thing” only to be accused of carrying a fake because everyone else does.

Second rule of buying an expensive bag is making sure it doesn’t fall under the “affordable luxury” category. I’m not against Michael Kors bags, but honestly, they are not worth it. Something mass produced which still costs £300 is a waste. The margins on those bags are so high, that you get a product that costs peanuts to produce but is expensive because of all the marketing money pumped into drumming the sales up.

Which brings me to my rule number three – research and go for lesser known but well-established brands. They care about quality, have fantastic clientèle including celebrities (if you’re after recognition) and don’t overcharge for advertising. The one brand I know for sure that does this is Salvatore Ferragamo.

It’s craftsmanship is legendary, it was loved by Marilyn Monroe and there is a stunning museum dedicated to it’s history (and shoes!) in Florence. And the best part – no one really tends to fake it because only people in the know buy Ferragamo bags and shoes. What more can I say!

The bag featured in the photo above is the mini Vara bag from their FW2015 collection, and is made from embossed calfskin in dark red (Rouge Noir), the colour of this season. It’s definitely an investment, but something that will see any woman through many seasons without the need to even justify whether it’s real or not.

Top tip: if you’re ever in Dubai Airport, buy it at their Duty Free, it’s almost half price compared to the UK.

Stay tuned!


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