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The “I care about you” stocking fillers

“All you need is love”, argued the famous Beatles almost 50 years ago! Love to me is many things, but the most important showcase of love is taking care of even the smallest needs of your loved ones.

It’s definitely winter here in London, so unless you’re a lucky person in tropical far-away paradise, you’re reading this post with warm socks on and a hot cup of tea (or hot chocolate, as it often happens to me!).

We’re generally quite good caring about the warmth of our clothing, but we often forget about the only vulnerable part that’s always outside whatever the temperature  – our lips. Boys are as likely as girls to get chapped lips, but they are generally too “manly” to go and buy themselves a lip balm.

My boyfriend’s reaction to my suggestion of getting him a lip balm was a categoric “No way!”, followed by a very judgemental facial expression.

Cutting the story short, I went out to test lip balms for men in order to find the perfect one. What’s perfect? Hmm… It has to be completely matte (one!), easy to use and not fiddly (two!), have an appealing non-girly packaging (three!) and have no smell or colour (four! five!). Are you still with me? 🙂

So, after this admittedly unexciting quest, I purchased one from Kiehl’s.  It ticks all the boxes, is luxurious enough to qualify as a gift (and it also means it’s made with predominantly natural ingredients, like bees wax, as opposed to petroleum) and it’s totally ungirly… with a minty kick as a bonus.

If you care about your man, go get one for his Christmas stocking. Or be like me and give it a month too early 🙂 Find it here for £9.

Oh, don’t forget about your lips – the best lip balm by far for me is the one from Neal’s Yard, it costs £7 (not cheap either, I know).  It’s with Rosehip oil that’s healing and Shea butter for softness.

Go on, treat yourself!

Stay tuned,

Ilona x

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