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Cards Against Humanity or “How to organise a perfect pre-Christmas house party”

I know, the name of this post is way too long, but if you can’t be bothered to read any further, it pretty much summarises why Cards Against Humanity should make it to your Amazon Christmas wishlist this year.

In short, for those not in the know, this card game must be the highest rated adult game EVER, with an incredible Amazon 3,200 reviews out of which my personal favourite is “Completely disgusting. This game is an abomination that left me and my friends unable to look each other in the eye. Five stars.” Contradictory, right? 🙂

So what is all this fuss about? Well, rules can get quite complex and players are encouraged to create more ridiculous rules themselves.  But essentially it’s a game for around 6-10 people with two sets of cards: black for questions and white for answers.

Each player gets a set of 10 random white cards, one person picks a black card and asks a question – as an example – “Next book by J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Chamber of <your answer>“.

The task for the rest is to pick the funniest answer out the 10 cards they’ve been given earlier, with all answers read out aloud and everyone agreeing on their favourite answer. The person who came up with the answer gets the point and asks the next question. In the end, whoever gets the most points wins.

Sounds straightforward, right? Not quite! The answer cards are full of borderline rude, racist and utterly disgusting answers, so you end up with very unpredictable question-answer combinations.

Not strictly a game for a Christmas family get-together , but absolutely fantastic as entertainment at your pre-Christmas house party with friends and “optional” mulled wine.

I organised such an evening a few weeks ago, and this was the single most fun event I’ve ever hosted. Period.

As mentioned, alcohol is optional, but it does encourage riskier (read: funnier) answers. And yes, awkward looks for days to come when you sober up and realise that your best friend has a secret fetish for male politicians.

Enough said. Just get it here.

Stay tuned,

Ilona x

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