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How to ace your Secret Santa gift

I always dread Secret Santa gifts…They tend to belong to two categories: “attempting humour” (all sorts of pranks) and “last minute” aka “bought on the way to work” (generally Cadbury chocolates, novelty games and books).

“Funny” gifts are rarely that good, unless the person knows you well. And in worst cases you spend the rest of your office Christmas party trying to figure out who’s given you a tasteless sex toy (happened to me, for real!), so you can openly hate them for the rest of year 🙂

OK, I’m overdramatasing, no one really cares that much. But hey, nothing is stopping you from actually acing it and becoming known as the most thoughtful person in the department.

So, where do you begin? Research is key! At work we use,  a website which almost does the job for you – all names are entered onto the system, and everyone is randomly assigned one person to get a gift for.

The best part is that it’s linked to Amazon, so you can pre-select a few things from thousands of items and add those as “suggestions” for your Secret Santa. So far so good. The budget was set to £10 (I think it’s pretty standard).

Now, this is what I ended up this year…

drawnames snap

Jess from my team (I really hope she’s not reading this right now) has chosen a make up sponge and some chocolate. Pretty easy, right, just click “Buy” and wait for the goodies to be delivered. But that’s hardly a surprise, and if you ask me, a Secret Santa gift should be a mystery.

From this selection it was clear that she really wanted a sponge, but chose the chocolates on top to get to £10. So I’m already pretty certain she won’t mind if I skip the sweets.

I then googled other make up sponges on the market, discovering that the famous Beauty Blender was way above my budget (at £16), plus it came in an ugly box. I then came across a beautifully packaged Dior sponge for £12 (unbelievable, considering how premium their make up is!). £2 doesn’t even cover your morning coffee, so spending a bit extra is not a crime (underspending is!).

I went to Selfridges in Oxford Circus where they wrapped it for me and put in a pretty branded bag, so it now looks even more luxurious than it actually is 🙂

I can’t wait to see her face when she discovers this gift. I bet she’s expecting her chosen items (and that’s the best case scenario in her mind). And I will try my absolute best not give myself away, which will be the hardest part, probably harder than choosing the gift itself 🙂

Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter

Ilona x

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