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Gifts for men: Kiehl’s skincare

This title image is a bit deceiving, as I didn’t end up using this wonderful packaging by Peter Max, but let me not get ahead of myself and start from the gift itself.

This duo of tried and tested skincare products is an absolute saviour when you genuinely struggle to choose something for a man. Firstly, it’s actually very useful, particularly in winter when everyone’s skin (including the manliest of men) goes a bit try.

I’ve praises this zero shine Kiehl’s lip balm in one of previous posts, as it really is the most non-girly lip moisturiser on the market. But for a more substantial gift, I’ve added the Ultra Moisturising Facial Cream, which can protect his skin from the harsh winter weather. Rumour has it, this cream was used by the heroic team who did Greenland’s First Ascent, so if it’s good for them in the most extreme parts of the world, it must be OK for our mild UK winters 🙂

Now, back to gift wrapping. I’m generalising of course, but men and women tend to get excited by different things (reminder: I’m talking gift wrapping only here!). Whilst women like to see their favourite brands before they open the gift (think luxurious Chanel gift bags), men are quite indifferent to where your gift is coming from.

Instead, they want to see their favourite themes (the funkier the better!) and have multiple layers of wrapping so they could think carefully how to best open the gift.

So for this gift I ignored the undoubtedly talented design offered by Kiehl’s and opted for a cosmos-inspired gift bag by Paperchase. After all, the new Star Wars movie is launching soon!

kielhs 2

This black bag with planets is still not too over-the-top, and the tissue paper is very reminiscent of a starry night sky (or at least I think so!).

kielhs paper

Very  sci-fi, very old school, but very Christmassy 🙂

Stay tuned,

Ilona x

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