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My favourite traditional Christmas decorations

Every year I stock up on small inexpensive gifts to give out to friends, colleagues and neighbours in the run up to Christmas. It saves a lot of time and effort compared to picking something urgently on the day, when you’re invited to a party and there are no decent shops nearby to buy a gift.

This year my theme is porcelain decorations, as they bring a bit of traditional Christmas spirit that plastic tree toys can never achieve.

Villeroy & Boch, a 260-year old German brand, does a stellar job at designing quality ceramic decorations at a reasonable price, so I thoroughly recommend you check out their website and pick a few items from their festive collections (it’s also about 30% off now!).

Just to get you going, here are a few of my favourites:

Cupcake tree decoration

cupcake decor

Star-shaped table lantern

candle light

Advent wreath candle holder

candle holder

Check out their Christmas shop for inspiration and gift ideas. They deliver pretty quickly, so you still have time before Christmas.

And don’t forget to gift wrap  – all Villeroy & Boch decorations come in sturdy boxes, so it’s easier to wrap.

wrapped gift

Stay tuned,

Ilona x

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