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How to choose a gift for stationery lovers

Maybe my view is slightly skewed (I work with a lot of creative people) but the world is full of stationery lovers. How do you know when someone is obsessed with stationery? Here are some definite signs:

  1. They collect every free pen at events, and then debate with you on its durability and quality of ink
  2. They have a secret stash of notepads, many unopened or with just a few pages written in them (just before the next “perfect” notepad arrives)
  3. They prefer handwritten diaries and planners over smartphone reminders
  4. And they subscribe to  Moleskine and Smythson sales alerts  🙂

(Please note: This description is full of love towards all my stationery-loving friends, so don’t take any offence if you score 4 out of 4!)

Anyway, I’m off topic again… Once you know you’re indeed dealing with a stationery fan, there are a few fairly simple rules you can follow to “delight and surprise”.

For example, try to go for trendy patterns versus plain colours (unless it’s a very expensive leather organiser). Stationery fashion rarely goes hand in hand with our “normal” human fashion. I guess that’s because stationery designers are proud to be different and are not afraid to be inspired by random things. It seems 2016 has started with an oriental twist, but the end of 2015 was full nostalgic patterns, like Disney cartoon sketches.

Don’t be afraid to go overboard with patterns – the more, the merrier. See how the notepad in my title photo almost blends with the wrapping paper? Most would say that’s too matchy-matchy, but a stationery lover will be eternally grateful you’ve taken the time to search for something so similar in style.

Another thing that works really well is anything that helps them become more organised. It’s actually a bit ironic, considering they have all the tools to be efficient with their time, but stationery lovers tend to be on the forgetful side. So such cute things like post it notes full of motivational quotes may just about allow them to remember to buy milk or show up for dinner on time 🙂

And finally, don’t forget the pen! They always need more pens, so why not add to their collection? As the receiver of this gift is a female student, who needs to save space in her handbag from important things like make up and chocolate (don’t judge, those things are essential!), I’ve chosen a mini pen that’s half the size compared to standard pens, but is still comfy enough to hold.

I got this lovely trio from Scribbler which is a fantastic place to buy all sorts of gifts.

Stay tuned,

Ilona x

P.S. One last tip: use a special tape for gift wrapping, your gifts will look much neater.  Don’t let the weird “satin finish” description put you off, all it means is that the tape “disappears” on any surface. It’s the best gift investment you can make at £2.50.


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