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Jewellery gifts: Who says pearls are old-fashioned?!

Pearls have a reputation for being old-fashioned (if not dated), with many magazines that target older women praising chunky pearl necklaces for their ability “to bring light to the face”  (is there any truth in this?).

Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised when I came across trendy and inexpensive pearl jewellery from Jersey Pearl whilst gift hunting for my closest girlfriends.

Now, what do you need from a piece of jewellery to become a great gift?

First and foremost, it has to match the age of the receiver or be slightly younger in style. A perfect illustration would be Swarovski jewellery: quite acceptable for a 16-year old, but don’t attempt to give it to anyone past 30. It will look ridiculously cheap and out of place. Miranda Kerr can just about pull it off because of her dimples 🙂

Another factor is price,  which again is indirectly linked to age. A young woman wearing a massive diamond can be perceived as vulgar, whilst larger, more precious jewellery on a mature woman can tastefully show her status. I always think of it this way: if I lose something, would I be devastated? If the answer is yes, maybe it’s not something I should buy or wear just yet.

Finally, there should always be a good understanding of the occasions when a piece of jewellery can be worn. In most cases, it’s safer to go for daytime jewellery, simply because if you get something that requires a particular outfit or an event, the receiver might spend months waiting to wear it.

So, back to my pearls. This bracelet is unmistakably girly yet edgy, combining leather with a traditional pearl. Leather has been popular for quite some time, but now designers are keen to soften the perception that leather jewellery is only for rock chicks and Glastonbury festival goers.

I also like that it’s small enough to be worn with almost everything. And it’s refreshingly affordable for the quality and presentation (it comes in a lovely box with a special cleaning cloth).

Check out their site, the bracelet here is called Joli, priced at £49, and is available in a range of colours. Pick your favourite!

And here’s the wrapped gift:  the wrapping paper from Paperchase is already colourful, so I kept the bow very simple.

wrapped bracelet

Stay tuned,

llona x


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