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“Tiny drone, giant power”? Agreed!

The description of this fun toy on the Red5 website is quite a statement – “TINY DRONE. GIANT POWER.”. For something costing under £30, that’s a lot attitude. But hey, it’s actually true, you can take my word for it.

During one of my latest gift hunts, I was seriously lacking inspiration (it happens to me ever so often) – “What do I get a 9-year old boy?!”. You see, I’m completely detached from their world of mobile games and swimming lessons, so I really struggle to relate. One good place that seems to always work for me is Selfridges on Oxford Street in London. There’s always something happening: new brands to discover, fancy sweets to taste and promising face creams to sample.

Resisting the temptation of their beauty hall, I headed straight downstairs to the Red5 stall, which claims to be “the ultimate gadget shop” (they really aren’t modest, are they!). Packed with quirky stuff, from Minion toys to army watches, there are tons of ideas for everyone who loves technology.

I almost got these “dancing water droplet” speakers, but as I was carrying this gift in my hand luggage (I was flying to Latvia the next day), I could not take the risk of being stopped at border control for having extra liquids. Shame, really, as the speakers are pretty cool: you plug these into your computer (they’re not wireless) and the water inside the speakers starts “dancing” to the rhythm of your music, all while flashing lights add the proper disco feel. All for £19.95. Not bad!

dancing speakers

So, after chatting to extremely helpful staff, I got a mini drone! It comes with a remote control, which allows you to fly this tiny thing around your flat in any direction. We created quite a mess in my nephew’s flat, as this is thing is VERY fast. It almost ended up flying into a fish tank at some point… The fact that it survived smashing into every surface of the house without a scratch was an achievement in its own right.

The drone got the whole family entertained for the duration of the evening, from the screaming mum trying to escape, to the cat that chased it without much success (It was all fun, nobody got hurt!).

A word of caution: they say on the pack that it’s for children 14+, so I somehow broke the law by getting it for a 9-year old, but he seemed totally capable, so I guess they’re just being cautious.

The drone comes in two colours: black and white. We had a very long debate at the store on which colour to go for, with female staff (and me) voting for white and all guys categorically saying “Black!”. I decided to trust the boys; after all, they know and love their gadgets.

Which colour do you like more?

drone in black

drone in white

Find this mini drone here, priced at £29.95 (currently on sale for £24.95).

Stay tuned,

Ilona x



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