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Underwear for Valentine’s: Your man deserves an upgrade too

I see this post as my humble attempt to bring equality to gifting. It’s very common to see all sorts of promotions for female underwear around Valentine’s Day. Men spend hundreds of pounds on bras, babydolls and stockings, inspiring their women to embrace this overhyped romantic holiday.

I think it’s about time we treat our men too. You can get fantastic male underwear from such established designers as Versace and Hugo Boss for a fraction of what women’s items from the same brands would cost. That’s because this market is not as developed as luxury lingerie – after all, very few sane men would splash out £40 on a pair of boxers.

It’s simply not fair we get to look and feel fabulous every year without allowing our boyfriends and husbands to parade in front of the mirror in shiny new trunks. Let’s change that!

Head to Mr Porter or Harvey Nichols for a selection of premium quality underwear that will make your man feel desired too. Obviously there are other websites that sell fancy underwear for men (don’t even get me started on animal-themed G strings), but I would urge you to avoid anything that could be deemed vulgar. Choose a piece that you know will make him feel good, something comfortable that he would enjoy wearing on a date with you.

I found this low rise trunk in rich burgundy at Garment Quarter.

My gift is wrapped in very stereotypical paper with hearts, but to add some personality I’ve put a little bow tie on top (for a bit of manly glamour, if there’s such a thing!).

wrapped gift.jpg

Have fun shopping 😉

Ilona x

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