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Valentine’s gift ideas: Classics with a twist

I will probably surprise you here a bit – I don’t actually mind Valentine’s. Yes, it’s overly commercial (like every other holiday), a bit pretentious and sometimes awkward, as brilliantly summarised by Debrett’s.

But hey, it’s there, and it’s big, so avoiding it all together seems as much of a statement as embracing it, and I’m always an advocate of embracing everything that makes people happier.

With us girls, it’s such simple things as flowers and chocolates (which we’d take any day, if given the opportunity!) that have the power to make us feel wonderful.

What I am going to advocate here is to approach this celebration with a small dose of creativity – it’s silly to deny that something can beat flowers and sweets. What you can do, however, is to go for gifts beyond red roses and chocolate truffles.


I like roses. I really do. But red roses won’t impress your woman (unless it’s a 1,000 of them, but that’s more of a shock, really). Instead, go for trendy ombré roses, like this beautiful bouquet here, which I purchased at Columbia Road Flower Market.

ombre roses

Actually, it’s pretty perfect if you live in London – it’s a Sunday market, so what you can do is wake up early on the 14th, head there (the market is not far from Old Street station) and get a bunch of fresh flowers for her. Added bonus: It will cost you considerably less, compared to your local florist (or, God forbid, an online flower service).

If you’re really after the wow factor, try more exotic flowers like these miniature pineapples. Extra brownie points for being original are guaranteed 🙂

pineapple flower


Last year I explained why small boxes of luxury chocolates are a much better investment for Valentine’s than a standard supermarket box of Cadbury’s (check it out). This year I’ve done further research and discovered some other amazing options for you.

For example, these chocolates from Dark Sugars (Brick Lane, London) are full of raw goodness and cater for everyone, including vegans. I’m not a vegan myself, so I headed straight to their alcoholic selection 🙂 The photo below shows a truffle with a little white tube on top (full of Irish Cream), which you pour over your truffle just before eating. If that isn’t blissful food heaven, I don’t know what is!

dark sugars chocolates box

Other more traditional flavours include pink champagne, hazelnut crunch and sea salt, so you really can’t go wrong with these.

But, there are other ways to show how sweet you are by selecting a mini cake or even a meringue. For luxury cakes, Cocomaya are unmatched (unfortunately, these cakes also come with a lot of calories, but I personally don’t count, especially on Valentine’s).

cherry madeleines

pecan caramel cakes

For cute small desserts, Selfridges food hall is the best.

raspberry meringue

Be loved this Valentine’s!

Ilona x

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