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How I got my gift wrapped by Jane Means

Last week Paperchase organised a gifting event at their flagship store in London – free Valentine’s Day gift wrapping by Jane Means.

In case you don’t know, she’s one of the most prominent trend setters in the gifting world, and has wrapped presents for the Royal family and countless celebrities.

Her journey in gifting began 20 years ago, designing cards and wedding stationery. Fast-forward two decades of hard work,  and she now manages her own line of wrapping accessories (think luxurious ribbons, tissue paper and boxes), regularly presents on television, travels around the world for masterclasses and has even written a book titled “Giftwrapped”.

Here are a few things I learnt from her that day:

1. Get a decent pair of scissors

Cutting paper and especially silk ribbons is an unrewarding experience if you don’t own a decent pair of scissors. Now that I wrap my gifts more regularly – and most importantly share it with you – I think it’s time for an upgrade. Jane recommended these Scotch titanium scissors which apparently are up to 5 times sharper than stainless steel.

jane means cutting the ribbon

I would not be able to cut two silk ribbons with my cheap paper scissors without making a huge mess

2. Use double-sided tape

This is not new to me – I’ve recommended it to you before. But Jane has improved it further by creating  a “skinny” version of this tape. I always find the conventional 1 cm tape to be too wide, so I end up cutting it in half anyway. Now I won’t have to, as Jane sells this “skinny” tape on her website. Gifts sealed with double-sided tape look infinitely neater and more luxurious, so it really is a no-brainer investment at £2.50.

3. Don’t be afraid to try origami

I’m not super creative with wrapping paper (all my efforts tend to focus on bows), but Jane demonstrated how creating a few extra layers by folding one side of the paper can result in stunning designs. As this gift was for my boyfriend she folded the paper in a way that made it look like a men’s dress shirt. He was well pleased 🙂

jane means folding the paper

You can’t even call it proper origami, that’s how simple it is: fold excess paper a few times before sticking it to the other side

In case you are wondering what’s inside – A4 Moleskine notepads in navy. Very handy if you like taking notes freely – I hate small notebooks that run out of space after a few words in a line – I need space to express myself and not be distracted by borders.

A big thank you to Paperchase for a wonderful evening.

jane means and ilona sediha

Jane, me and the gift 🙂

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Stay tuned,

Ilona x


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