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V&A Museum Shop: Treats for your jewellery box

I have a peculiar relationship with my jewellery boxes. There is a small leather box on my bedside table for things I wear daily, like diamond studs and a few pendants. But then I own a “secret” (and rather large!) brightly-coloured wooden box, hidden in my wardrobe, dedicated to different pieces I purchased during my travels or while out and about in London. I open it from time to time to simply relive those happy moments. And despite not wearing these “secret” jewels very often, I like looking at them and knowing they belong to me 🙂

My girlfriends also have similar hidden treasure boxes, so I’m not alone – I remember spending entire evenings dressing up together and sharing stories about our possessions during our teenage years (well, back then those were mostly plastic bracelets and an occasional silver necklace from grandparents).

The one place I come back over and over again to get inspired and buy something new for my collection and as gifts for my girls is Victoria & Albert Museum. Known globally for their fashion exhibitions, their shop takes jewellery very seriously. They commission emerging and well-established designers to produce items for them, using quality materials and even precious stones. Some jewels at their Gift Shop go for thousands of pounds!

Here are a few of my favourites from my recent trip there.

geisha earrings v&a

These ceramic earrings, inspired by Japan, can elevate an all-black outfit without forcing you to have any other oriental items on. I’d simply pair it with red lipstick on a night out.

eco friendly wooden watches

I’d recommends gifting these statement wooden watches to your eco-conscious friends.

button textile earrings v&a

Textile earrings are having a bit of a moment this spring, so I’d buy these for my fashionista friends for a bit of Instagram fun.

V&A also sell wrapping paper and cards, inspired by their museum collections.

3d card v&a

wrapping paper v&a

I wrapped my gift in the jewels paper (I loved the colours and the variety of gemstones), using ribbons and the tape from Jane Means.

V&A cover 1

the bow

I made the bow myself  using two matching ribbons and decorated it with three transparent gems for a bit of sparkle.

close up of the gift

And I’ve finally taken a close up photo of the gift wrapped using the double-sided tape, so you could see how immaculate it looks compared to the standard tape you’d put on top. Jane Means makes a thin and easy-to-use version, especially for wrapping gifts, and it’s really handy.

double sided tape jane means

If you’re in London in the coming weeks, visit the Al Thani exhibition at V&A that showcases the most stunning jewellery, ranging from intricate ornaments owned by Indian royal families in the 17th century to the unique pieces from Cartier inspired by the Indian culture.

v&a jewellery

Stay tuned,

Ilona x

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