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Origami bow: Having fun with gift wrapping

Most people dread gift wrapping. I get it – it’s much more fun selecting a gift than figuring out how to wrap it.  Took me a while to make my first decently-looking bow out of a silky ribbon that’s just not meant to stay in place (use two knots, not one), or to cut wrapping paper straight (there’s still no magic solution there!).

But, it can be fun! If you have a bit of time (and if you like YouTube tutorials) – read on. This was my first attempt to create an origami paper bow. For that, I found some double sided wrapping paper (from Waterstones on Piccadilly, sadly they don’t sell it online) in funky summery colours, bright green and raspberry pink. You can happily use standard one-sided paper too, but having both sides gives you a bit more wiggle room to be creative.

paper bow close up

I didn’t take pictures of my progress (I was concentrating too hard on the task itself), but here’s the video that shows it perfectly step by step.

For the extra pop of colour, I cut a bit more paper than needed for wrapping and used it to make a few extra folds at the front, similarly to how Jane Means does her gifts.

Wondering what’s inside? A double-sided belt by Paul Smith (see a theme?), which is perfect for most outfits. Navy goes with most colour combinations and burgundy can spice up an outfit that needs a bit of colour (like grey). Their boxes are already luxurious and you can get away with no wrapping at all (it’s not a crime).

paul smith double sided belt

You can find it on Paul Smith’s website in black and purple, which I think is another fantastic choice.

Stay tuned and check out my Instagram for more gifting inspiration.

Ilona x


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