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Beautiful baby gifts: Chloe dress

You’ll see more and more of these posts from now on – my close friends have started having babies 🙂 It’s a very strange feeling: you still remember sharing your first alcohol together and talking about boys, and all of a sudden (or fast-forward 10 years…where does the time go?) they are mums!

But hey, some of you will find these articles useful, so I’ll carry on sharing my baby gift tips until you start leaving comments like “Please, stop” (don’t do it, please!).

I think this little dress from Chloe is simply stunning – not too girly, very tasteful and a little bit British thanks to the collaboration with Liberty of London.

liberty chloe baby dress blue pink

For those not familiar with Liberty, it’s a department store that’s synonymous with beautiful patterns and fabrics. Each season they collaborate with a designer to produce a special collection, this summer it’s Uniqlo. Check it out.

The Chloe dress is from Yoox (unfortunately it’s now sold out, sorry),  an online shop that specialises in designer clothing and accessories from past collections. This means you get a decent discount (sometimes up to 70% off) without compromising on quality. And frankly, unless you are a celebrity with a huge Instagram following, who cares if your dress is from 2014 🙂

I included a little ‘With love’ note before covering it with tissue paper  – it’s always a nice touch to include something extra people don’t expect to see, like a note or a small sweet (you can’t go wrong with chocolate).

folded baby dress with a note pink

Tissue paper is classic white, so it’s not too overwhelming – going neutral with tissue paper is one of the good tricks if you are in doubt. The generic rule of thumb is to try and match the paper to either the gift itself or the wrapping paper/gift bag, but white tends to work in most cases.

dress in tissue paper

The paper is pearlescent silver – again, neutral but luxurious.

dress in wrapping paper

For the bow I used pink ribbon with white lace to bring a bit of a vintage feel.

pink white bow closeup

Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

Ilona x

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