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Easy summer gifts: Holiday beauty

Holidays!!! If you don’t get excited by the prospect of spending some quality time on the beach (or whatever it is that you love doing during breaks!), you must be either a workaholic, or already living on an idyllic island somewhere in the Caribbean 🙂

I like giving holiday-inspired gifts. It’s a great theme to follow for all sorts of occasions, from birthdays to ‘thank you’ presents and even weddings (I once made a beauty hamper for a bride before the honeymoon…let’s just say she was very grateful, as with all of the wedding prep, she didn’t have time to pack properly).

This one was a “Hi, haven’t seen you for ages!” type of gift, as one of my dearest friends has been working abroad for a while. She is shortly going for a well-deserved week off somewhere in Spain, so I’ve given her a few things to make holiday grooming a bit more fun.

tangle teezer and tweezers

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Tangle Teezer, and I’ve been supplying everyone with them (voluntary and not so…) for a while now. It’s an absolute treat to use, it’s light (very important with luggage and gym bags), and it’s very durable, as I’ve personally dropped mine on every possible surface (I think they should hire me to do stress testing for products, I’m very good at it, hah).

According to the packaging, this one is a limited edition colour, Lemon Sherbet, but it seems to be available everywhere if my Google search is right, so I’m sharing a link to the Tangle Teezer website (I got mine at Selfridges in London).

The next gift is the one thing that every girl should have without her partner knowing – a miniature pocket tweezer. I’ve just come back from a holiday myself, and the most annoying thing that could happen to you on the beach is discovering that one odd hair you missed during your pre-holiday wax.  For all possible little touch ups, this thing is priceless. The mini version is about half the size of the original Tweezerman, so you can take it even if you only have hand luggage.

To fully follow the theme, I got a lovely tropical gift bag from Paperchase (it’s even called Safari!), and some cute tissue paper with colourful hearts.

wrapped summer gift

Stay tuned and happy holidays!

Ilona x


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