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Why costume jewellery is a better gift

We’ve been told over and over again that precious jewellery is timeless – it doesn’t lose value (or sometimes even goes up!), it never really goes out of fashion, and it can be worn for years and even be passed on to the next generation. The debate is somewhat flawed, in my opinion, as it misses one very important point – to qualify for all of the above, the jewellery has to be VERY expensive, from high-end brands and made with rare flawless stones.

Does it sound like something you can afford? For those of you not in the top 1% (if you are, send me an email, I’d like to know how you’ve even found me!), read on.

I am a big advocate of getting the most out of your gifting budget, even if it means redefining what you are after. So, if you’d like to get someone a piece of jewellery and you have a £400 upper limit, in the precious jewellery category you will likely get something very mediocre. Just look at the monstrosity sold at £399 at high-street jewellers in the UK (it’s not a shaming article, so any branding has been taken out):

horrible jewellery examples

What do you do then? Easy – you go for costume jewellery instead! It’s having a bit of the Renaissance moment, with many luxury fashion houses hiring serious design talent to compete in this lucrative market. Which means that even if you are not “investing” in any solid gold or diamonds, you get wearable items that in most cases look much better than “real” things. And the best news for you… Most pieces are priced between £200 and £500, and that’s for brands like Dior, Chanel and Miu Miu.

Not sold yet? Well, then look at these stunning ‘Dior Flower’ earrings made with coral pink crystals and plated in rose gold.

dior earring title

At £340, these just might be the most gorgeous Instagram-friendly party saviours, that can elevate almost any outfit from “rushed casual” to “sophisticated night out”. And these are CHEAPER than any of the horrible jewellery examples above!

I wrapped these earrings in jewellery-inspired paper with rich hues of purple, green and red. For the bow, I tried using ribbon but it was just too much with everything going on, so I just used clear crystals to form a little bow at the top. Cute, isn’t it? 🙂

finished gift dior earrings


bow close up

Need a bit more inspiration? Keep scrolling down! Here are my top three picks.

Maison Margiela faux pearl choker (£280)

This necklace combines not one but two big trends: choker shape and faux pearls. For those who like to jazz up office outfits.

maison margiela choker

Aamaya cat ears ring (£215)

Adorable and charming, this ring is made with real topaz.

cat ring

Balenciaga leather bracelet (£135)

Almost a bargain at under £150, it’s made from textured pink leather for an edgy yet feminine look.

balenciaga bracelet

All links are from Net-A-Porter. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I just think they have the best jewellery selection for online fashion store.

Stay tuned,

Ilona x

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