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Valentine’s Gift Ideas: When passion becomes a dance…

Hello, my dear readers! I always encourage to celebrate all kinds of love as often as we can possibly fit into our busy schedules, but there is one day a year when romance fully takes over. Yes, you guessed it – Valentine’s!

Over the years, I’ve gone through the Valentine’s classics and how to elevate them (see my post on flowers and chocolates here),  suggested unexpected romantic dinner solutions (here) and even offered some fashion advice for men’s underwear gifts (yep, I really have).

This year, I’ve gone for something quite unusual. I’m gifting a skill that can only be mastered as a couple – tango. Anyone who has ever experienced tango, either as a dancer or as a lucky observer, will tell you that it’s not about skill, complexity of steps or experience. It’s about the connection between two people sharing a powerful, almost primal emotion.

The teacher I know has given me further interesting insight into tango that makes it even more relevant to modern day relationships: the 80/20 rule. 80% of your focus in a tango dance should be on your partner, and only 20% on yourself. In a world where we are constantly reminded about how important our feelings are and how we need to communicate them to our loved ones at every opportunity, there is something refreshingly humble about this simple rule of empathy and attention.

I have a feeling that connecting to your partner through music and movement during a tango is a way of going deeper in a relationship and discovering something new about each other. Conversations over wine can do so much, but it’s these physical interactions that sometimes let you break barriers.

So, for our 5th Valentine’s together, I’m giving us private tango lessons. In London, I’ve entrusted us to Tango Space, who have been sending us tips before our first lesson (always a nice touch). I’m sure you can find tango studios in your cities, too, so I’m challenging you to surprise your partner with a passionate Argentinian dance!

As always, lots of love,

Ilona xx


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